At home classes


We will sart each lesson with a casual conversation in French. If you feel anxious about speaking, no worries ! It might be a little difficult the first time, but you'll quickly get better. I will write down for you the vocabulary you might struggle with, and lesson after lesson you will notice that the conversation will get smoother.


You can either decide to put the focus on conversation or on grammar. However, we will automatically do a little bit of both in each class (also depending on you level in French : if you're a beginner we might have to spend more time at first on the grammar). I will explain the theory in English if you want me to, but we'll go back to French as soon as we start the exercices.

Written and oral comprehension

If you also want to improve your comprehension of French, we will work on texts and audio samples, to help you learn new vocabulary words and get more comfortable with the language. Any subject you want to work on particulary? Let me know, and I will try to find texts that cover that subject.

After each class, you will get a document with the grammar and vocabulary learned during the class. If you want, I can also put the vocabulary on Quizlet, as many people find it easier to work on that platform.

It is what you have been looking for? Fill out the form, so I know more about your current level in French and what form of classes will be most beneficial for you. From then, we will be able get on the same page and start building you a program.

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