Intensive summer classes

Get better, quickly

Intensive courses allow you to make rapid progress, by dedicating a week to improve your French. From 3 to 5 hours per day, the program will be adjusted day by day according to your progress and the areas to be worked on more in depth. The classes can take several forms : online, at home, both... We will take the time to build you a program that fits your schedule and that is the most beneficial for you.

Each day, you will be given a summary of the essential points of the course, as well as the vocabulary learned. You will get the opportunity to choose yourself the subjects you want to develop, and the courses will be adapted to your wishes and needs. Contact me if you need any extra information, and book as soon as possible, I still have a few available spots !

It is what you have been looking for? Fill out the form, so I know more about your current level in French and what form of classes will be most beneficial for you. From then, we will be able get on the same page and start building you a program.

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