French with Flo


Unfortunately, this site is no longer functional. We wish you good luck in your search for a French tutor.

At home classes

Living in the Brussels area? You can choose at home classes ! The teacher will come directly to your house.

For more information, go to: At home classes

Online classes

Looking to improve your grammar or/and written skills in French? Online classes are a great way to get better quickly.

For more information, go to: Online classes

Online & at home classes

Having trouble chosing between online or at home classes? You can alternate between online intensive grammar lessons and conversation sessions at home.

Mention it when contacting me. Together we will establish a schedule adapted to your needs.

Conversation classes

Either online or at home, the focus will be entirely on speaking French. You can register with someone you know and want to practice with,, or we can pair you with another student of us.

Coming soon