Online classes

What to expect

If your goal is to improve your grammar skills, this option is probably the best for you. All you need is time, your computer, a good internet connexion, either Skype or Google Hangout. Together, we will create a shared Google Document, on which I will post all the exercices.

The class always starts with a little chat in French, and then we start the lesson. You write your answers on the document, and I help and correct you all throughout the exercices. I will make sure you understand the sentences used and any word you don't know, I will write for you in a vocabulary document (or on Quizlet), which you will have access to. That way, you can work on the learned vocabulary in between each class. At the end of each class, we will take a few minutes to discuss what you want to work on during the next session.

Here you can see a few examples of how the lesson. On the left, a typical exercice that we might do. On the right, the document that you will get after the lesson, with any grammatical subject we saw that day, and the vocabulary we learned through the exercices.

It is what you have been looking for? Fill out the form, so I know more about your current level in French and what form of classes will be most beneficial for you. From then, we will be able get on the same page and start building you a program.

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